This is Daphne...

Daphne, Founder and Managing Director of Thrive Agency – a value-driven agency specialising in powerful health and behaviour change content, campaigns and programmes - was...

getting fed up with being ignored!

Thrive Agency has been in business for over 20 years, with a large proportion of revenue being generated from a small number of clients.

Even though Daphne's team delivered amazing work, their dream clients didn’t really know who they were. This meant winning new business and growing the agency was difficult. They were really struggling to organise their marketing.

But then something happened...

Daphne was getting fed up with being ignored!..

“We have very talented writers and editors in the team, and we simply wanted to give them a structure to work to. We needed someone experienced and mature enough to show us the way and help our team develop the right skills without taking over and just doing things their way.

Our marketing attempts were not working and just throwing more money at the problem was not the way we wanted to go.”

So, Daphne and the team decided to transform their marketing and now have confidence in what they’re doing once again…

Working in partnership with Daphne and her marketing team we developed a new marketing strategy and tactical communications plan that will build brand awareness and support the new business pipeline long-term.

In parallel to this we conducted a marketing MOT to identify gaps in their existing delivery system (people, processes, tech) and areas that might need a little improvement. During early implementation we continued to provide strategic support to the marketing team to ensure the plan stayed on track and it now continues to evolve as they start to generate results.

Giving the team...

“A better focus on what we can do, what we want to do and who we want to do it for.” Daphne Metland, Founder

A joined-up and well thought through plan with clear goals, strategies, and metrics that are totally aligned to the agency’s vision and goals

A healthier and better-quality pipeline of new sales enquiries. “We’ve really opened the sales funnel and increased the leads coming into the business.” Sarah Redshaw, Content Director

Confidence they’re investing in all the right areas and will achieve their goals

Recognition amongst industry peers with more guest speaker invitations and excitement when they see the Thrive brand referenced on third party channels

Leaving Daphne with...

“A great in-house marketing team who know just what they are doing and enjoy doing it successfully! As well as great feedback from current and potential clients who say things like…’we see you everywhere’ and ‘we are so impressed with your work’.”

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