This is Jane...

Jane. the Head of Business Development for a well-established healthcare business, was...

tired of missing out on opportunities to stand out from the crowd

With no clear marketing strategy or differentiated market communications and a lack of alignment between marketing and business development activities Jane felt she wasn’t seeing the results she needed.

But something happened...

Jane knew something had to change when she became fed up of missing out on opportunities to stand out. She knew her team needed a clear marketing strategy and tactics that would support business growth.

So, Jane decided to transform her marketing with the help of Purple Banana.

Now Jane is delighted with the results...

The marketing team has a clear vision of where they need to be, how they will get there, and how they will measure success

Market communications resonate with prospects and clients, enabling her business to stand out

Marketing, business development and account management teams are working towards the same commercial goals

Marketing and sales tools are fully connected enabling Jane to understand what’s delivering results and make informed decisions to shape the success of her strategy

Campaigns and outreach are aligned to the customer journey and generating results

3 x new clients worth £500k in the first 12 months 
5 x new clients worth £150K on specific projects
New revenue stream netting over £2m in the first 18 months

And now Jane has...

“The recognition I craved from my peers, not only from across the business but externally too, as we’re now seen as leading the way in our industry.”

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