This is Lucia...

Lucia, the Head of Marketing for a leading SaaS technology provider, was frustrated at being unable to...

demonstrate the value of marketing to her internal stakeholders.

The growth of the agency was largely due to the success of one tech product with limited market awareness of the entire portfolio.

To add to this marketing and business development teams didn’t speak to each other which meant tactics, tools, and processes weren’t aligned and there was little understanding of the marketing contribution towards the growth of the agency.

But then something happened...

Lucia knew something had to change when the agency launched a cutting-edge enterprise level platform with ambitious sales targets – marketing and business development strategies and tactics had to be aligned.

So, Lucia decided to transform her marketing with the help of Purple Banana, and hasn’t looked back since…

Awareness of the entire tech portfolio has improved significantly with messaging that resonates with the market

Marketing and business development teams work collaboratively and towards the same goals

Campaigns are generating the results the business development team needs to achieve sales targets

Marketing and sales tools speak to each other and with clear processes in place Lucia is able to understand what’s delivering the best results

And now Lucia has…

The confidence we’ll get the results we need and my senior leadership team truly understands how integral marketing is to the growth of our agency. In addition, we’re generating valuable insights that are helping us to shape future product development.”

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