This is Paul...

Paul, the managing director of a leading retail service provider, needed to...

implement strategy at pace

Paul’s business was well recognised within the industry and had grown over the years through reputation and a relatively modest marketing budget – expanding its core offer to incorporate further complimentary services as client’s needs changed.

But then something happened...

Even though Paul was running a successful business he knew they had to think differently when an opportunity presented itself to offer something unique to the market, gain advantage over the competition, and ultimately increase sales.

The team didn’t waste any time on developing a strategic plan that would penetrate the market, was aligned to new business sales targets, and would engage account management teams to drive organic growth too.

However, they needed to implement the strategy at pace and with the right resource.

So with the help of Purple Banana, Paul was able to…

Expand his existing team with experienced resource quickly and efficiently to hit the ground running

Move with pace without the need to hire a full-time equivalent and ongoing costs until future needs were fully assessed

Take a balanced approach across internal and external communications for greater strategic alignment and results

Make informed decisions based on impartiality, market knowledge, and insight

Which meant Paul had...

"An agile business with a marketing system integral to success with the ability to move at pace and capitalise on market opportunities – giving us the confidence we’d achieve the sales results we desired.”

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