This is Simon

Simon, the Sales Director at leading FMCG packaging agency Pulse, was tired of being the industry’s best kept secret which meant

winning new business was even harder than it should be.

Over its 40-year span Pulse had built a strong reputation amongst its clients with some partnering with the agency for as long as 20 years - testament to the service and value the team delivered.

The agency had grown predominantly through referral and word-of-mouth and finding the balance between its two market segments -  household brands vs printer businesses - was always a juggling act.

With little-to-no marketing activity driving brand awareness or lead generation the pipeline of new enquiries was slow and unpredictable.

But then something happened

Simon’s frustration reached fever pitch because…

“We’re really great at what we do but had no mechanism to shout about it. It was becoming harder to open doors and win new business when people hadn’t heard of us, and I was fed up with everyone else getting the limelight. I read that the UK packaging manufacturing sector has annual sales of around £11bn… and I wanted to increase our slice of it!”

So, Simon and the leadership team transformed their marketing and now have an agency brand they’re proud of and excited to shout about

Simon and the leadership team needed a marketing strategy that would get them in front of dream clients that had never heard of them as well as drive growth of existing client accounts. But they didn’t know where to start – marketing was an enigma in itself!

So, rather than muddle along trying to figure it out themselves, they decided to bring in an external specialist… “Our customers would do the same, so why wouldn’t we?” said Simon.

This was a complete transformation project including:

The development of a new value proposition

A brand story and tone of voice which then shaped a new creative identity – bringing the brand to life and making the agency “stand out from the pack”

Complete website overhaul that’s the shop window they’re proud of is working harder for their pipeline

A well-structured tactical content plan that will build the agency’s profile as the go-to experts in packaging excellence

Strategic alignment and collaboration of key internal teams – senior leaders, marketing, business development, client services - as well as the tightening of their internal marketing and new biz processes and tech

Leaving Simon with

“A better understanding of our clients’ needs and excitement to be able to tell them how we can solve their problems as opposed to always thinking about what we can sell.

We’ve found a way to talk to both audiences in a manner that’s authentic and sympathetic to their differences yet compliments each other at a global level.

The new brand and our history confidently stands shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients’, knowing we can back this up with our knowledge, expertise, and creativity.

We’re finally showing the personality behind the agency and it’s something that people are really connecting to! This transformation has brought everyone closer together and the results are something we’re all extremely proud of.

There’s a real buzz about the place – we’ve a new lease of life!”

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