Reaching your full business potential

What’s really getting in your way?

Being a business owner myself and having listened to some truly inspirational stories from fellow business owners from all walks of life lately, one thing is strikingly apparent… no matter what stage we’re at in our business journey, the lessons we learn along the way are as relevant to those just starting out from a pop up desk in the corner of their living room, as they are to those running a global operation (or indeed somewhere in between!).

So I thought I’d share some of the little gems that have inspired me recently, and hopefully it provides you with food for thought on what might be holding your business back from reaching its full potential…

  • Wherever you think you can go, you can go further
  • One person’s challenge is another person’s opportunity
  • Positive things happen to positive people
  • To have more than what you have, become more than you are
  • The cost of clarity…. understand the things you want to do and know what you won’t do!
  • You can’t procrastinate your way to success
  • Sitting on the fence only gets you splinters in your bum ?
  • Don’t wish it would be easier (otherwise everyone would be doing it!), wish you were better
  • Do you know what business you’re actually in? You’re customers aren’t buying your products or service, they’re buying what it means for them… focus on that!
  • Business is a game of snooker… don’t just look for the easy red ball shot, think about how you’re going to sink the black
  • People, people, people make a business
  • Recruit for attitude, train for skill
  • When something goes wrong – before you look at the team, look at the system
  • Ask yourself and your teams – if you could improve one thing what would it be?
  • Test and measure everything… how else will you know what you should focus on!?
  • It’s not enough to deliver what people need and want – you must deliver what they would love!
  • People remember the value you give them – how you make them feel, not what you do
  • Keep in touch with your customers… do you do this enough?
  • Innovation is the commercialisation of a great idea, it can come from anywhere. But what you need is a clear decision making process for investing…. and the lens to make those decisions through is the customer problems you’re trying to solve!

And how would you answer this question…. If it’s only you running your business and you’re looking for growth, how would you decide on who the right person to hire is? I particularly like the notion of “If you can sit next to them for 8hrs and not want to throw them, or you, out of the window they might be worth considering!” ? Answer in the comments below if you’ve got any other suggesstions!

So I hope these words of wisdom from business leaders who’ve walked before, and at the side of you, help you to understand what might just be stopping your business reaching its full potential. We’re all just trying to succeed in our own way, but what better way to sum up than… you win, or you learn!

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