How to generate more leads from your marketing campaigns

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So you’re looking to grow your business and have ambitious sales target to hit by your (fast approaching) financial year end, but your pipeline isn’t looking too healthy and your marketing campaigns aren’t generating you enough leads… sound familiar?!

Fear not though, you’re not alone! But the good news is you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve compiled our top tips for generating more leads from your marketing campaigns. So, take five minutes to have a look and think about what you might be able to improve upon to get the results you need.

  1. Set your goals. What does success look like for you?
    • How many leads do you need to generate? And how does that translates into the number of contacts you need to include in your campaign mailing list at the start?
    • What’s the one thing you want people to do? This could be to register for a webinar or download a guidebook. Make sure this call to action (CTA) is clear and highlights the value they will receive from providing their information
  2. Know your audience. Who are you targeting?
    • Segment your marketing list so you’re targeting the right audience profiles. If there’s specific individuals and companies you want to target – include them!
    • Make sure you understand where these people are in the buying journey, their pain points and drivers
    • Have “gifts” (eBooks, market research, videos etc) for all the different stages of the buying journey – including CTAs for these gifts throughout your campaign channels
  3. Have an amazing story. And tell it well.
    • Does what you’ve written in your email, on social media or your landing page give value to your audience? If not, then maybe you should consider writing things differently?
    • Be consistent with your messaging. Make sure there’s a seamless transition from your email and social ad copy through to your landing page and the gift itself
  4. Money, money, money. Set a budget.
    • So you’ve identified your audiences, you know what will be music to their ears and what gifts they’d like to receive, so have you set a budget that will allow you to reach them through the right channels?
    • Having a clear budget allows you to calculate your “cost per lead” so you can understand how much money is appropriate to spend on generating new leads and what your return on investment looks like
  5. Combine forces. Marketing and sales should work together.
    • Agree the definition of a marketing qualified lead and what is the criteria for them to be accepted as sales qualified leads
    • Make sure your marketing > sales handover process is an efficient and easy one to follow
    • Capture information in your CRM that allows you to track and report on leads generated and how they progress – make sure everyone understands why accurate data is important!
  6. Not just for ‘new, new’. Add value for existing clients too.
    • Educate your client services and/or delivery teams of the campaigns (and their gifts) you’re running and encourage them to engage their clients. Campaigns should support organic growth too
    • The last thing you want to happen is a client stumbles across your tweet promoting your latest eBook, downloads it and decides to call their account manager to discuss it further, only to find said account manager has no idea of its existence, or where to turn for more information! #missedopportunity
  7. Tools that work hard for you. So you don’t have to!
    • Make sure you equip yourself with the tools that will allow you to capture and manage your contacts, track your leads and understand audience engagement with your content. There’s lots out there (and the beauty is most offer a pretty decent free starter package!), but here’s a few you might find useful:
  8. Review, tweak, repeat. Continuously evaluate, be flexible and adapt along the way.
    • The beauty of digital marketing is that you have instant access to live data, so make sure you use it… analyse it, gain insight from it and adapt your campaign accordingly.
    • If you find something isn’t working then experiment. Maybe try A/B testing, make layout changes, tweak your copy and don’t be afraid to scrap something all together!

Simples right?!

We’ve compiled these top tips into a handy checklist, so why not download it, share it with your team and take a fresh look at one of your campaigns to see how it stacks up?

Alternatively, if you’d like an outsider’s opinion on what you’re doing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’d be happy to take a look at some of your content.

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